Jewelry Making Kits

Jewelry Making Kits are a great way to get started if you are new to beading or just want to quickly make a new product for resale. Tools and cord needed for these designs are listed beneath each design. Not sure how to attach Copolymer cord or Soft Flex to the Magnetic Tube Clasp? Instructions are located HERE! For more design ideas, visit our YouTube channel.
All sizes are in millimeters---Images are not actual size!---Please refer a caliper!
Click on any image for more detail!
Tiger Iron Gemstone Double Stretch Bracelet Kit
Starlight - Y Necklace Making Kit
Trinity - Bracelet Making Kit

Trinity - Bracelet Making Kit


limited stock available!
High Power Magnetic Hematite Double Strand Bracelet Kit
Jewelry Kit 200 (to make 10 bracelets)
Jewelry Kit 201 (to make 10 bracelets)

Jewelry Kit 201 (to make 10 bracelets)


limited stock available!
Terra Cielo - Necklace Making Kit
Labyrinth - Y Necklace Making Kit
Magnetic Hematite Cube Bracelet kit
Mountain Shadow - Bracelet Making Kit
Classic Black and White - Necklace Making Kit
Pacific Northwest - Bracelet Making Kit
Copper Creek - Bracelet Making Kit
Jewelry Kit 812 (to make 1 bracelet) up to 10 inches