small spotDo you have a printed catalog?

We do not have a printed catalog or any printed materials of our magnetic beads, magnetic clasps or any of our products. We have spent all of our time and energy into making our website images of our products the very best available. Most of our products can be seen up close simply by clicking on an image. Please be advised all images shown are approximate and are sized in millimeters. Always refer a caliper if you are unsure of a product size!

small spotDo you have a store?...........Where are you located?

Stateside Bead Supply does not have a brick and mortar store. We are a mail order business only and do not have a customer accessible location.

small spotI have a business license...Can I get wholesale prices?

All of our prices are based on quantity purchased. The more you buy the lower the cost. We offer many levels of discounts under most of our products to reward buyers for quantity ordering. This protects our larger clients while still offering discounts to our many valued customers.

small spotDo you have an order minimum?

No--Currently there is no minumum order placed through our website, phone, or by mail. Please refer our How to Order page when ordering by mail. It will give you all the details we need to complete your order request.

small spotDo you charge tax?

We only charge tax on orders shipped to a Washington state address. All orders shipped to a Washington state address are subject to sales tax unless you have a valid Washington state resale certificate.
Please email a signed copy of your certificate to us for our files at This is required for us to give you tax exemption. It is also a good idea to give us a call when you have ordered to let us know of your tax exempt status. We get very busy sometimes and might miss it.

small spotDo you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally and our website will automatically figure the shipping costs when you place your order. Please note shipping costs do not include any customs duty, tax or tariffs you may incur in your country. We do not have any customs, tax or tariff information---You will have to inquire within your country for this data. All website prices are in US dollars. Please refer our international page for more details and shipping examples.

small spotI purchased an item from the website before and now its not shown?

All of our products are inventoried on our website. If you do not see an item it is currently Out of Stock. We constantly update our inventory daily, But it is possible to purchase an item that might be out of stock due to a phone or fax order. While this is very rare-It can happen sometimes. Please note we make every attempt to fill all orders completely and it remains our #1 goal.