6mm x 5mm Magnetic Tube/Cylinder Clasps

6mm x 5mm Magnetic Tube/Cylinder Clasps are excellent for light to medium weight applications. Looking for something stronger? Try the larger size 7x7 click here!
Each magnetic clasp has a 1mm exterior hole and a 2.5mm interior hole. See this style of Clasp in Action in our Youtube Pacific Northwest Bracelet Tutorial - time 2:38.
Magnetic Tube Clasp 6x5mm size comparison photo
6mm width x 5mm length Clasp together = 6mm x 10mm
  • These are for adults only, not for children's use (Swallowing hazard).
  • Magnet Safety Information
  • Warning: People with a pacemaker should not wear magnetic jewelry! Pregnant women should consult a physician before wearing magnetic items. Not for any children under 18 years of age.
    *All magnetic products sold by Stateside Bead Supply are not intended for use by individuals under 18 years of age*
    All sizes are in millimeters---Images are not actual size!---Please refer a caliper!
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