Magnetic Tube Clasp "How to"

How to attach a ✅Magnetic Tube/Cylinder Clasp using Soft Flex Wire with crimps (step by step) instructions. The following example uses Soft Flex wire .019 gauge and a 6x6 magnetic tube clasp
The beads are 8mm round magnetic hematite
To see all of our Magnetic tube clasps CLICK HERE! Tools required: crimping plier, micro cutters, chain nose plier (optional), and silver plated crimps.

string 1 crimp onto the cord

pull the cord back through
the crimp

pull each end to tighten

place the crimp into the inner circle of the crimping plier

squeeze the crimp.

this will fold it over

now place the folded crimp into outer circle of the crimping plier

squeeze again! this will roll the crimp into a circle

now clip off the excess cord
with the micro cutters

pull the finished crimp into
the large hole of the Magnetic Tube Clasp

now string your magnetic beads

string the other half of theMagnetic Tube Clasp (small hole first)

place another crimp on your cord

hold the crimp in the jaws of crimping plier and press against the clasp while pulling the cord and squeeze. repeat the steps like before to roll the crimp

cut off excess cord