Sterling wire wrapping "How to"

This tutorial shows how to use sterling silver wrapping wire to attach Magnetic Tube / Cylinder / Barrel Clasps and how to wrap between each bead to make a magnetic bead bracelet. The following example uses 22 gauge sterling wire, 22 gauge sterling headpins and a 6x6 magnetic tube clasp. The beads are 6mm and 5x8 6-sided tubes in Rainbow Magnetic Hematite
Tools required: round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, micro cutters,

insert headpin into magnetic clasp

the "head" gets stuck into the large hole side

now we will make a loop on the other side

using a round nose plier grasp the headpin - leaving a little space

roll the headpin 90 degrees on the plier

while still holding the wire now bend the wire next to the clasp back about 30 degrees

adjust the plier and pull the wire around the plier to complete the loop

note the space you have left for the wire to wrap around to

you may have to bend your circle a little to make it perfectly round

make any adjustments to make it look like this the loop

ready for the wraps

grab the loop with the round nose plier as in the photo

while holding the loop wrap the wire around itself a couple times or whatever will fit in the space you provided

using the micro cutters cut off the excess wire.

using a chain nose plier bend the cut edge of wire into the loop so it does not stick out.

cut a 2" piece of sterling wire

Bend the wire all the way around the round nose pliers

Bend lower wire back

Adjust needle nose

Bend top wire around to make a circle

now pull your finished clasp loop onto your open loop

now just like you finished the
clasp loop before - grab the loop with the round nose pliers

twist the wire around itself

cut off excess wire like before

squeeze the cut edge of wire into itself

now your ready for your first bead

now create a loop on the other side of your bead

and just keep repeating the steps till your through.