Copolymer Cord Instruction

How to attach a Magnetic Tube Clasp using Copolymer Cord with (step by step) instructions. Easily learn how to add a magnetic tube/cylinder clasp to a jewelry design with this technique. The following example uses .8mm Copolymer cord and a 6x6 magnetic tube clasp.The beads are 8mm round magnetic hematite. Tools required: Copolymer cord, Micro cutters and a metal surface. Always melt cord in a well ventilated area. Use caution when using any flame to melt cord: Keep all flammable materials away from working area.

Using a flame, melt one end of cord forming a ball - Try to melt (but not ignite) cord.

String one end of a magnetic clasp onto cord.

Encase the melted cord in the large holed side of the magnetic clasp

String your magnetic beads, and place your bracelet on a metal surface. (This will allow you to melt the other end of your cord without burning yourself).

Place remaining magnetic clasp and cut the cord using the Micro Cutters.

Leave approximately 3/16" of cord exposed.

Slowly approach cut end with flame.

Cord will melt upon itself, forming a ball.

Melt until encased within the remaining clasp.

How to Attach a Magnetic Tube Clasp with Copolymer Cord VIDEO