Dumorite 10x10 2-Hole Gemstone Beads (12)

Dumorite 10x10 2-Hole Gemstone Beads (12)

Product Code: DUMO-10X10-12


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Product Description
Dumorite semi-precious gemstone beads in 10x10mm 2-Hole are highly polished with a deep navy blue color. These beads pair well with 5mm rounds for an amazing jewelry design. Each bead is hand selected for best quality.
  • Size: 10mm x 10mm
  • Thickness: approximately 5-6 millimeters
  • Hole spacing: approximately 5 millimeters from center of hole to center of hole
  • 12 beads per package
  • Hole size: approximately 1 millimeter
  • Please note: Most Gemstone beads vary in color and pattern depending on the gemstone.